Is it Selfish to Work with a Nutritionist?



Mum and Child - Is it selfish to work with a nutritionist?

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Is it selfish to work with a Nutritionist?

I was speaking to a mother who wanted to lose around 18 kgs but had been stuck for a few years…

She wanted to get back to the weight she was at before she had her two daughters.

To fit back into some old clothes she hadn’t been able to wear in years.

To come off her thyroid and blood pressure medications rather than increasing them.

She knew she felt so much more comfortable, healthier and HAPPIER before she’d put on all that weight.

So the solution was clear, get a coach to help with her diet and nutrition.

But then she confessed…

“My daughter wants a dog… and I don’t think I could afford to have a Nutritionist AND a dog.”

And so she was tempted to do what many mothers do….

Sacrifice from herself to give her daughter what she wanted.

And that makes sense.

What parent wouldn’t want to give their kids and family everything they can?

But here’s the thing…

She felt like a Nutritionist may be too expensive. But would gladly pay THOUSANDS for a dog.

That may just go to show it’s more about priorities than it is about money.

But it’s ultimately about something deeper.

It’s about what she felt she DESERVED.

She opened up and said, “I guess getting a Nutritionist feels… selfish. It feels like a luxury.”

And perhaps it is a luxury. But then again, so is buying a pet.

The reality is parents must make tough decisions about what’s most important for themselves and their families.

In fact, making tough decisions is what separates successful people from not. It’s what separates good parents from GREAT parents.

Now I won’t tell anyone how to raise their kids.

I’ll just invite any parent to consider…

What if one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is being a great role model for them?

Or to run around and play games with them rather than just watch…

Or just to be around to see them raise children of their own…

Now I don’t think this mother would tell her daughters, “You don’t deserve to reach your goals.”

But isn’t that the message that’s being sent when mum doesn’t pursue her goals?

Don’t children follow what parents DO far more than what they SAY?

On the other hand… when a mother shows her kids she’s willing to pursue her goals, she’s teaching her kids it’s OK for them to pursue their goals as well.

Now obviously, as a Nutritionist myself, I’m a little biased in favor of hiring a Nutritionist lol… But I’m not saying you have to get a Nutritionist to reach your health goals.

What I’m saying is… NOTHING will work for you unless you feel you deserve success.

Because it means you will continue to avoid those tough decisions.

Now, even if you don’t YET feel you deserve to reach your weight loss goals… at least do it because it’s what your family deserves.

Because the more ‘selfish’ you are in becoming your best self, the more you actually teach your children it’s OK for them to become their best self.

And if you feel getting help from a specialist nutritionist is what you need – one who understands your medical circumstances, and who understands the approach has to fit into your hectic work/life schedule – then let’s explore what’s possible for you.

I always offer FREE discovery calls to talk with those who are serious about reaching their goals once and for all.

Follow this link to my website then click on the BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL button. Let’s talk!

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Want to have a chat about what's going on for you and how I might be able to support you make some changes?

Book a FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call

Want to have a chat about what's going on for you and how I might be able to support you make some changes?

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